ROAR-somest Dinosaur Amigurumi

Jurassic Park is my favorite movie. Hands down. I’ve always loved dinosaurs, since I was 4 and Land Before Time came out. I also have an irrational fear of being chased & eaten by a T-Rex. My recurring nightmare is running from a T-Rex, and I never know if I make it out alive or not. BUT…these are not those dinosaurs. These are the cutest, cuddliest dinos you ever saw. In honor of the newest Jurassic World movie release last week, ‘ve rounded up the ROAR-somest Dinosaur Amigurumi crochet patterns for you.

If you’re looking for more roundups of favorite patterns you can make yourself, you can get them here.

  1. Dexter the Dinosaur by The Magic Loop

2. Pablo the Allosaurus by Madelenon

3. Timothy the T-Rex by Bluephone Studios

4. Tricia and Topsie the Triceratops from MyKrissieDolls

5. The Friendly Dino from The Friendly Red Fox


Honorable Mention…only because these aren’t amigurumi. They’re appliqués, but they’re stinking adorable and I had to include them.

Dinosaur Crochet Appliques by Nella’s Cottage

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