Classic Color Block Crochet Blanket Pattern

We all have a go-to pattern. Something you love working up every time. The thing you like to give as a gift. The pattern you use to picture how all the pretty yarn you see will work up. Maybe you have a go-to pattern for different things – your favorite hat pattern, favorite scarf, favorite market tote. Well, this is my favorite, go-to blanket pattern, and I just know it’s going to be yours, too! PATTERN Get your printable PDF[Read more]

Candy Corn Hat Free Crochet Pattern

I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween! Where has this year gone? My youngest turned 1 in August, and last Halloween she was too little to really worry about dressing up, because most of the time she was fastened in her car seat in the stroller. So I put a cute hat on her and called it good. This year I’m bringing a quick and easy candy corn hat pattern to you, and you can whip this up in time for[Read more]

Crochet Basics – Ravelry

If you haven’t already read them, STOP…go back 🙂 Crochet Basics – Tools Crochet Basics – Yarn Weights Demystified (and how to read a yarn label)  Crochet Basics – You’re Speaking a Different Language (aka Abbreviations) We’ve already talked about the tools you knew you needed to MAKE all the things. Hooks, yarn, needles, scissors, etc. Check that post out here, if you haven’t already! Today we’re going to talk about the tools you didn’t know you needed. Well, tool.[Read more]

Crochet Basics – You’re Speaking a Different Language (aka Abbreviations)

If you haven’t already read them, STOP…go back 🙂 Crochet Basics – Tools Crochet Basics – Yarn Weights Demystified (and how to read a yarn label)  I saw someone recently on Instagram have her non-crocheting husband read a crochet pattern, and to say it was funny is an understatement. We have our own language, from the abbreviations used for stitches in a pattern to the slang terms used in conversation. There are just TOO MANY to put them all here,[Read more]

Crochet Basics – Yarn Weights Demystified (and how to read a yarn label)

If you haven’t already read it, STOP…go back 🙂 Crochet Basics – Tools Sock yarn, DK weight yarn, worsted weight yarn, bulky yarn…what does it all mean? When you look at a yarn label, you see a number…what does THAT mean? How do you know what hook to use with each yarn? Why is this so complicated?? It’s not! I promise – let’s break it down. Pin now, read later! First…Yarn Weights Let me introduce you to the all-knowing Craft[Read more]

ROAR-somest Dinosaur Amigurumi

Jurassic Park is my favorite movie. Hands down. I’ve always loved dinosaurs, since I was 4 and Land Before Time came out. I also have an irrational fear of being chased & eaten by a T-Rex. My recurring nightmare is running from a T-Rex, and I never know if I make it out alive or not. BUT…these are not those dinosaurs. These are the cutest, cuddliest dinos you ever saw. In honor of the newest Jurassic World movie release last[Read more]

Favorite Baby Blanket Patterns

I love making baby blankets. I got my start making blankets, and to this day it’s my favorite thing to make. I’ve put together my list of Favorite Baby Blanket Patterns. Click the name of the pattern or the picture to get the FREE pattern. If you’re looking for more roundups of favorite patterns, you can get them here. Crochet Teal Gingham Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts The Hopscotch Crochet Baby Blanket by Little Things Blogged The Mabel Blanket by MeghanMakesDo[Read more]

Atlantis Market Bag

Can I be real with you for a minute? I don’t like market bags…please don’t hate me. Eco-friendly market bags are REALLY popular in the crochet community. I like the idea of them. They’re fast and easy gifts to make, it’s a great way to justify buying all the pretty colors of cotton yarn, and they’re, well, eco-friendly. I haven’t been able to find a pattern that I like the look of AND enjoy making, especially making it more than[Read more]

Crochet Basics – Tools!

I’m so excited to dive in to my Crochet Basics Series with you! If you are new to crochet, feeling overwhelmed with all there is to learn, this is the place for you! If you’ve been at this for a while, thinking maybe you’ll skip this series…I would encourage you to stick around. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know, find a new tool or trick you can use, or just spend a few minutes hanging out with us while[Read more]

Somewhere Rainbow Wrap

I was recently wandering around Michael’s, as you do when you’re a maker, and I stumbled upon Caron Cotton Cakes yarn. Oh my! I knew immediately that it needed to be a light and airy spring/summer wrap. I’m excited to introduce to you the Somewhere Rainbow Wrap. You can purchase the PDF pattern on Etsy or Ravelry. Pin it Now, Make it Later! Let’s talk a bit about this yarn. It’s Caron Cotton Cakes by Yarnspirations. If you’ve been around[Read more]